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How to Create a Fitness Plan You Can Stick to

Like every other year, one of your new year resolutions will be to get back in shape and shed those extra pounds you’ve been putting on for several years! Most of us have misperceived fitness as losing weight, whereas fitness is about loving and treating your body well says Peter DeCaprio. We set ambitious fitness goals that are mostly hard to chase! Read through the article for some pro-tips that will help you create the personalized fitness plan that will bring out the right attitude in you and will keep your fitness routine on track.   1. Get inspired Keeping up with a fitness routine can be challenging without inspiration. Find an inspirational figure that motivates you every day to climb on that treadmill! It can be your favorite celebrity/model or, the basketball player you idolize. Sometimes, the external motivation doesn’t work. That’s when you develop the love for fitness… Read More »How to Create a Fitness Plan You Can Stick to