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Peter DeCaprio Tells Why Startups Need to Embrace Technology to Survive

As per Peter DeCaprio, the world is going digital with each passing day, and the expanse of recent coronavirus has pushed the world even deeper into it. The progress of technology is rapid and spreading like wildfire all over the globe. From a small startup to a big business, the modernized way of endeavoring on a successful path is linked with technology. The internet is one of the biggest factors in pulling us out of the Stone Age era of entrepreneurship in this fast-paced world.

Peter DeCaprio Recommends Embracing Technology to Survive in the Market

Social Communication

As per Peter DeCaprio, technology such as social networking makes it as easy to reach your audience as talking a walk in the park. Today, everyone is utilizing various platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., to brand their product and services.

Regardless of the nature of your startup, you can market your ideas across different verticals using technology tools. You can easily connect with potential investors; likewise, your customers find you just a click away. It helps build a healthy and interactive relationship between you and your clients in a few clicks.

It expands as wide as your imagination goes, and your business can easily reach every corner of the world.

Hence, social networking is one of the aspects of using technology to make your venture successful.

Maximum Efficiency

According to Peter DeCaprio, we all crave the maximum amount of efficiency for our business but to err is human. Nowadays, technology saves your time by counting everything at your fingertips, as everything is processed efficiently without any human effort, diminishing the possibility of errors.

From easy retrieval of information to time-saving operations, the chances of mistakes are eliminated with reduced task completion time.

Technology also makes it easier to keep the information up to date instead of going through a mountain of files. What took hours to be done now can be executed instantly.

Digital Monetizing

You can easily earn money on the internet using the right platform. Facebook, which was once regarded as a time-waster for the youth, is acting as a source of income for many social media influencers and young entrepreneurs.

People invest in your product by advertising on your digital presence, and sometimes it catches the big fish – investors – which can open different portals for your career.

Customer Relationship Management

In order to maximize your profits and smooth out your procedures, there are many business technologies available that are virtually mandatory. For instance, if you do not have CRM, you are wasting the chance to have one focal database that deals with all your client data and interactions. You can extend your customer outreach, oversee advertising endeavors and understand the mechanics behind your startup. CRM drastically grows your profitability, information storage, and outreach.

Additionally, to stay aware of this new sort of ever-connected client, your startup must embrace technology to provide an unparalleled experience to your customers. Those doing so are building a profoundly engaged relationship with their customers. They twice or more than are more likely to try a new product or service of your business; it also doubles the chances of getting referred to your client’s social circle and will keep them hooked with you, even if you have a competitor in the same industry.


Peter DeCaprio Suggests That Technology is The New Game Changer

As per Peter DeCaprio, no matter how hard-working and efficient the human body is, it is now the need of the hour to digitally transform our startups and other businesses. It is an amalgamation of digital technology for all businesses, which brings about essential changes in how a business works and the worth they convey to its clients in today’s world.