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Peter DeCaprio offers advice about how to take care of mental health during Covid19

Peter DeCaprio

The Covid vaccines have helped a large section of the population to try leading a regular life but the pandemic, though subdued, is still a matter of concern because it is pretty active in many countries says Peter DeCaprio. The fear of the pandemic has crippled our minds and robbed us of the joys of living as we did during the pre-pandemic days.

Although people are now moving around much more than earlier, the absence of a free-flowing lifestyle is a cause of distress and unhappiness. Although the vaccines have given some succor, a sense of uneasiness seems to get the better of us. Mental fatigue has set in, and we need to set things right to regain the lost happiness in our lives by putting behind the dark days of the pandemic, feels Peter DeCaprio.

Uncertainties affect the mental health

We are not sure when the pandemic will go away or whether the virus will stage a comeback in some new form as it goes through constant mutation. The highly contagious novel coronavirus does not allow us to live in peace, and the frightening experience that we all underwent makes our existence worrisome.  We still keep worrying about our loved ones living in faraway places because the fear of the virus is still fresh in our minds. Uncertainty about how soon we can lead regular lives is only compounding the mental stress. That international flights are yet to resume global destinations entirely is a sign of our wariness about the virus that makes us mentally sick.

Driveaway fear and negativity

The first thing we need to do is find ways to overcome the fear. And drive away from the negativity in our minds. The only way to combat fear and anxiety is to turn our attention away from issues that trigger negative vibes. If you are working from home, then proper time management and utilizing the time meaningfully should be the top agenda.  Create a daily routine and follow it diligently to find some clear purpose in everything you do. Start by taking good care of yourself by exercising daily. Sleeping in a well-ventilated room, and eating well so that the body receives adequate nutrition. Moving from one activity to another to comply with the routine instills confidence and develops positivity. That improves your overall wellness.

 Stay in touch with people

Now that the digital world gives endless virtual meetings take advantage. And socialize virtually to stay in touch with people you love and share similar interests. Either join some existing group or create some new group. Where you can share your thoughts and feelings through chats, photos, videos, and calls. 

The sense of being a part of the community will drive away your loneliness and lift your spirits. You know that you are not alone who is going through the ordeals. And many others experience the same and can help you with better-coping strategies.