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Peter DeCaprio lists the actions that you should take to improve mental health during Covid19

Peter DeCaprio

As the world is still combating the Covid19 pandemic, which is down but not out, we are struggling to come to terms with the highly restrictive lifestyle imposed upon us, causing despair and depression. We are badly missing the free-flowing lifestyle before the pandemic, and the uncertainty about regaining it anytime soon only increases our mental stress, observes Peter DeCaprio.

Despite the partial success in the vaccination drive worldwide, we are still not sure whether this is the last phase of the battle against the pandemic. The suspicion about the virus staging a comeback in some new form keeps us on tenterhooks and increases worries. We are all undergoing various degrees of mental stress, and it has become challenging to regain the mental poise that improves our wellness and wellbeing.

The best way to keep the mental stress under check is to divert our attention to other things rather than only thinking about the pandemic. We must stop worrying and stay optimistic about maintaining a rational mind that does not feel strained by the disturbing news and information flowing from all directions.  To ensure your wellness and wellbeing, turn your attention and involve in activities that you enjoy most, like listening to music, reading books, watching movies, and socializing while being empathetic towards others. It will make you feel happy and relieve stress.

Plan your wellbeing

Your wellbeing is in your hands and not something to import from somewhere else, explains Peter DeCaprio. Do not allow the situations and circumstances to get the better of you but try to analyze them. Without being emotional so that the problems do not seem overwhelming. On knowing the reasons for the unusual happenings. It will be easy to find solutions for survival by focusing only on the aspects within your control.

Stay physically active

Follow a routine and pursue your normal activities while making necessary changes to suit the situation. Set up goals that you can achieve without stretching too much by using the resources available. Regular exercises help maintain fitness and drive away from the devil from the mind. You are more confident about taking control of things no matter how bad the situation might be. Stay closely engaged with your family and people around you, take some rest between works. Develop good sleeping habits so that you can have a good sleep every night and wake up as fresh as a lily. 

Do what you enjoy doing most

Renew your interest in hobbies that you could not pursue earlier because of your hectic lifestyle. Now that most people are working from home. It gives ample opportunities to pursue hobbies like gardening, cooking, doing some housekeeping. Even spending more time together with your kids and family. Choose the most pleasurable activities for you. Devote more time to them to remove the cluttering of the mind and keep you happy. 

Instead of worrying about the pandemic, work towards self-improvement. It will strengthen your defenses against the pandemic and improve your wellness and wellbeing.