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Peter DeCaprio assists individuals to understand symptoms of poor mental health amidst the pandemic

Peter DeCaprio

The havoc brought about by the virus is posing a plethora of challenges to humanity. The covid-19 pandemic is a universal crisis leaving people with poor mental health says Peter DeCaprio. A vast majority of people are incapable of coping up with social distancing norms. They crave the connection of family and loved ones. The absence of a usual lifestyle where people meet colleagues and go out with friends takes a toll on many people’s health. Most people are undergoing tremendous stress and anxiety by witnessing their loved ones as victims of the virus. Such difficulties result in psychological, social, and emotional upheaval leading people to be anxious and frustrated.

The fear of contracting the virus

The covid-19 pandemic has forced many to live under constant fear and obsession regarding hygiene and cleanliness, causing a hassle in routine activities. Concepts such as sanitization, washing hands, and maintaining distance have brought about obsessive thoughts among individuals, thereby hampering interpersonal relationships. People are under persistent pressure to isolate themselves for protection. The fear of contracting the virus has let people stay in quarantine without any specific reason. Every human has a natural tendency to long for a loving touch.

However, in the pandemic, many people are missing out on it as the distancing norms do not allow people to go out, thereby aggravating mental health issues. Under such circumstances, it is essential to engage in pleasurable activities and also spend time amidst nature. Maintaining a proper routine for the entire family can moreover minimize anxiety and depression, leading people to be more productive. The pandemic is the ideal time to be with your family members and prioritize health nutrition and adequate sleep, says Peter DeCaprio.

Here are a few symptoms of poor mental health you must watch out for among people around you:

Poor sleeping patterns

Irregular appetite such as over or under eating

  • Lack of expression due to emotional breakdown
  • Feeling apprehensive and underconfident.
  • Constant anxiety and fear lead to restlessness
  • Hence, there is little to no productivity.

Such symptoms can pose a significant challenge to individuals around the world. Therefore, it is essential to engage in relaxation and meditation for better mental health, keeping yourself physically and emotionally fit during such unprecedented times.

Here are a few indicators that you must evaluate your state for improving psychological well being:

  • Be considerate about your eating habits and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Take out some time for self-care and also engage in activities that make you happy.
  • Stay in touch with your inner being, thereby identifying your strengths and weaknesses and also conquering the latter.
  • Put down your feelings in a journal and list the challenges you face regularly regarding your feelings and emotions.
  • Take multiple short breaks from work, thereby increasing productivity and clarity of thought.

Entertain yourself by spending time with family and also playing indoor games to enhance your talent.

Establish a schedule to minimize anxiety and workload

Ease your mind by engaging in relaxation activities and meditation. Moreover, The critical condition of the pandemic can pose several threats to the human mind. It is crucial to take care of all the aspects of your health during such uncertain times. Therefore you must set new objectives every day and look forward to better circumstances with positivity and perseverance. Take advantage of every opportunity and face every challenge hoping for a better tomorrow, says Peter DeCaprio.