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Mental healthcare tips during Covid19 – Peter DeCaprio shares his views

Peter DeCaprio

Although the Covid19 pandemic is receding, it is still taking a heavy toll on our mental health as we struggle to adjust our lifestyle with the changing scenarios amid the easing of the strict restrictions to bring back life to normal says Peter DeCaprio. A hidden fear about the virus has left deep scars in our minds, and no one can enjoy the freedom that was part of our lives before the pandemic.

Despite various steps taken by the government to open the economy, it is yet not business as usual, feels Peter DeCaprio.  The unique lifestyle fraught with some restrictions, no matter how small it might be, affects our wellness and mental health. The signs are evident that we are not happy and still many people are working from home.

Bringing back those happy days should be on the top of our minds by taking good care of our mental health so that we can overcome the fear and anxiety to ensure our wellness.

Consume minimal information and news

Although Covid19 does not make the headlines in the way it used to a year ago, continuing research and the prevalence of the pandemic, albeit on a lower scale coupled with continuous mutation of the virus, provides enough fodder for the media. Moreover, it is in our interest that we stay abreast of the evolving virus to stay prepared to avoid any disaster like before. While all kinds of news and information about the novel coronavirus keep flowing from various sources, there is no need to pay extra attention to the issue beyond the usual interest. 

Consume information and news selectively so that you look at authentic and reliable information only by avoiding all kinds of sensational news about the pandemic. It will help to keep your mind free from unwanted information that causes stress, advises Peter DeCaprio.

Pursue your hobby or engage in some exciting activities

The stereotype life that we all are leading is a sure recipe for depression as it can be tedious.  Working from home is another form of monotonous confinement. That leaves us exhausted at the end of the day with little or no scope of stepping out from home. The feeling of helplessness makes us mentally fatigued. To overcome the problem, take up your hobby with renewed energy or engage in interesting activities while staying at home. Involve your family in the activities so that it turns into real fun and enjoyment. The distraction will refresh your mind and lend positivity to your thoughts that prevents stress build-up.

Look after your body and mind

Unless you have a sound body, you cannot hope to have a sound mind.  Take care of your body so that you stay fit and healthy. That makes you more confident of combating all odds and, in the process, drives away worries and anxiety. On the other hand, when you suffer from mental stress, your body would feel like baggage that holds you back.

Ease your mind by practicing meditation that teaches you to stay aware of your surroundings. But with a sense of detachment so that it calms the mind and puts you in control of the situation.