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How to Create a Fitness Plan You Can Stick to

Fitness Plan

Like every other year, one of your new year resolutions will be to get back in shape and shed those extra pounds you’ve been putting on for several years!

Most of us have misperceived fitness as losing weight, whereas fitness is about loving and treating your body well says Peter DeCaprio.

We set ambitious fitness goals that are mostly hard to chase!

Read through the article for some pro-tips that will help you create the personalized fitness plan that will bring out the right attitude in you and will keep your fitness routine on track.


1. Get inspired

Keeping up with a fitness routine can be challenging without inspiration. Find an inspirational figure that motivates you every day to climb on that treadmill! It can be your favorite celebrity/model or, the basketball player you idolize.

Sometimes, the external motivation doesn’t work. That’s when you develop the love for fitness within; Not surprising enough, internally motivated individuals are the ones who stay in it for the long run.

2. Take Baby Steps

Highly optimistic goals can leave you discouraged too soon. You can never attempt to sprint 10 miles a day on day one, right? The practical approach is to start it slow. Set milestones for you that you can chase gradually and confidently emphasis Peter DeCaprio.

3. Shuffle the Routine to Keep it Interesting

It’s ideal to divide your workout regime for the week focusing on different muscle groups each day. Similar workout patterns can exhaust both your muscles and brain, draining the motivation you had at the start of the week.

If you’re following a diet along with exercise, variation counts here too! Plan your meal a day ahead; it keeps the excitement high!

4. Get Yourself a Fitness Journal

A fitness journal can be a fun way to track your progress, as fancy as it sounds. It can be a section in your daily diary if you’re a food writer, or you can easily get a fitness app like MyFitnessPal, to get started with advice Peter DeCaprio.

5. Make it a Habit

Working out should be like checking your phone or eating your breakfast. Make fitness a regular feature in your day! So that you can take out time every day to fit it in your schedule.

6. Get a Fitness Partner

A gym partner can be your motivator and a competitor simultaneously! There may be times when you want to skip the workout for the day, but you probably can’t bail out on your friend waiting at the gym for you.

7. Don’t Be too Hard on Yourself

So what if you skipped a workout and had a week full of carbs? Your guilt can demonize your motivation to get back on track. Leave the guilt in the past and focus on your present, Peter DeCaprio says.

8. Celebrate your success, even if it’s small

Sticking to a fitness routine is challenging. It may take you weeks to see significant gains or losses. So you have to pat yourself on the back for every milestone your reach, either big or small.

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