Welcome to the Peter DeCaprio Scholarship

Peter DeCaprio is the President and CEO of FlowPoint Partners, LLC. He is a financial and investment expert who is well-known for his generosity.

Are you interested in obtaining a scholarship to pursue your higher education? If yes, then look no further. Peter DeCaprio is thrill to extend his initial scholarship to one bright student with an exceptional academic track record. For instance, The most deserving and talented candidate will receive a one-time scholarship award of $1,000 for pursuing his/her undergraduate degree. Interest parties should apply for Peter’s scholarship, and continue to pursue the dreams of a highly rewarding professional life.

The Peter DeCaprio Scholarship website extends a warm welcome to bright and dedicated students seeking to defray the high cost of tuition. The Scholarship is a valuable resource for undergraduate students seeking supplemental funding.

About  Peter DeCaprio  

Peter is thrilled to help and support students in need of additional funding to obtain their bachelor’s degree. In addition, He is a believer in equal access to higher education for everyone, and committed to helping those in need. Also, he is offering $1,000 to a dedicated, sharp, and ambitious young student looking forward to a successful career and life.

Peter DeCaprio is the co-founder of Crow Point Partners, found in 2006. He is currently the head of trading. Moreover, he is co-portfolio Manager of EAS Crow Point Alternatives fund, Crow Point Alternative Income Fund, and other private L.P. vehicles. Earlier, Peter DeCaprio was senior analyst at Evergreen Investments. However, His role at Evergreen covered the telecommunications, utility, and also the media sectors. Before joining Evergreen, He work at Thomas Weisel Partners as a senior equity analyst. He has wide experience in the financial sector, and has contributed to the success of Dillon Read and Co. Inc., BancBoston, Robertson Stephens, Zukin, and TIAA-CREF, and Houlihan Lokey Howard.

The Peter DeCaprio Scholarship has been institute with a noble goal in mind; to help and motivate deserving and dedicated young minds to carry on as they work to lessen their financial obligations. Also, The esteemed this Scholarship has been introduced to support intelligent students with true financial need. The winner of the scholarship will have funds deposited directly into their financial aid account.

The Scholarship simplifies the application process to give as many students as possible the opportunity to attain the award. Similarly, The process to apply is transparent, with easy to understand procedures and expectations. However, This valuable fellowship promises to reduce the amount of student loans that undergraduates must take on to complete their studies. This gift is a simple gesture from financial expert Peter.

Students hoping to enroll for university studies in 2022 may also apply for the Peter DeCaprio Scholarship. Also, He will make certain that these students will have an equal opportunity to win the $1,000 award. In other words, The scholarship is design as a way for all deserving students to achieve equal financial opportunity.

The Peter DeCaprio Scholarship – Details

Eligibility for Applicants:

  • Must be citizens or legal residents of the USA.
  • Must be admitted and studying at any accredited/recognized/registered public or private university/school in the US.


Applications must be receive by July 1, 2022.

Application Procedure

Firstly, All applicants must submit a high-quality and original essay base on the topic: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

The following details must accompany the essay:

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Name of accredited public or private US based university
  • Scheduled date of graduation
  • Current GPA

After that, Essay must be submitted along with details noted above via MSWord to info@PeterDeCaprioScholarship.com

Winner Selection & Award Disbursement

  • The winner of the Peter DeCaprio Scholarship will be declare on 15th July 2022 at PeterDeCaprioScholarship.com
  • In addition, the winning applicant will be informed via email issued by the office of Peter.
  • Finally, Winner will need to confirm receipt of the email intimation and acceptance of the scholarship to enable the funding of the scholarship.

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